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Honkai Star Rail
  • Developer: miHoYo
  • Genre: Role-playing video game, Strategy video game
  • Version: 2021
User Rating: Rating 4.30

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Role-playing video game, Strategy video game
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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New Game Honkai Star Rail Release in 2022

Elizabeth Murphy

Honkai Star Rail is latest instalment in Honkai series from the developers at miHoYo, the same Chinese company that created mega-hit Genshin Impact. Full release date is yet to be confirmed, but we would be surprised if it launched any sooner than 2020, Reddit posts from fans have predicted a 2023 release date. New game Honkai Star Rail download PC in Honkai series of games, developers of which are same company that created Genshin Impact. It’s strategy-based role-playing software with some eye-catching graphics. Software download Honkai Star Rail takes place in space, is set in far future, so it's a space-based, space-themed RPG. We're not sure how well the game will do when it eventually launches, but we're expecting it to be a little different in terms of gameplay and graphics to its predecessors.


Graphics in Honkai Star Rail PS4 seem to have been given a lot of time and effort. Illustration style is reminiscent of anime and will be a joy for some players. Story mode is a little more detailed than some other games in this genre. Graphics for soft are very eye-catching, with colourful space scenes and detailed designs on the ships. Graphics in Honkai Star Rail PC download are very impressive. Product is rendered in 3D, which means that its visuals are very realistic, detailed. Soft is set in outer space, which means that it is filled with both nebulae and unidentified planets. Software has a very distinct anime style, which fans of genre will enjoy. Product has some really impressive visuals. Software product has some really bright colors, characters are well-designed. There are lots of bright colors and exciting visuals, including some really cool explosions.


Software Honkai Star Rail game is a strategy-based game with some very eye-catching graphics. Players take on role of Captain of a ship, must engage in battles against other ships in space. Strategy-based RPG game. Soft is set in outer space, so it features both combat with aliens and planet-based exploration. Product is very similar to games like Genshin Impact, which features space battles and planet exploration. If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you won’t need much introduction to gameplay in play Honkai Star Rail. Software combat is strategy-based, with players fighting against waves of enemies with their party of characters. As with Genshin Impact, each battle plays out like a game of chess, with players moving their characters about battlefield to try and find an opening to strike at the enemy.


Product Honkai Star Rail install has not yet been confirmed for multiplayer, but if it is, it will likely be in form of 1v1 battles, similar to multiplayer in Genshin Impact. Software does not have multiplayer, with the majority of its gameplay focusing on singleplayer combat.


Replayability of Honkai Star Rail online is a little more difficult to gauge at this point. It does seem like there will be a lot of elements to help it score highly in that regard, but full version of software has not been released yet. Product offers an unlimited amount of levels, which means that it is very replayable.


  • When will game release date be?
    We have no idea! We predict that release date will be some time in middle of 2022.
  • How can I get involved with Honkai Star Rail beta?
    You cannot register to get into beta anymore. You need to register for the beta, but soft official website is no longer accepting new registrations.
  • What is Honkai Star Rail?
    Strategy-based role-playing soft with some very eye-catching graphics.


In conclusion, Honkai Star Rail Android is a new strategy-RPG with some eye-catching graphics. It has a multiplayer mode that is not yet released, but is expected to be in future. In this review, we shall be discussing the new game from miHoYo, creators of Genshin Impact, trying to answer many questions that come with a game that's not yet been released. So what is Honkai Star Rail? Well, we can't tell you much about it just yet, because the beta test has only just begun, it's not clear when full release date will be. But we can tell you a little bit about game's premise and gameplay, why we're excited about it.  Software is a strategy-based role-playing game with some very eye-catching graphics. This is not surprising, given that it is a game about battling monsters with Japanese-style anime visuals. But with release of Honkai Impact 2, company is looking to up their game with a new strategy-based RPG.


  • Has some very eye-catching graphics, with stunning effects and dynamic camera angles for battles;
  • Product is a strategy-based role-playing soft, meaning that players have to think carefully about their battle tactics;
  • Has a focus on upgrading mechs, with players able to equip different weapons, armour, and shields;
  • Has a deep story, telling the tale of the aftermath of the Honkai Impact.


  • Full release date has not yet been confirmed;
  • It is not yet possible to register for the closed beta.

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